Im so goddamn young !

I remember when I passed the CELSA’s contest two years ago, one of the teachers asked me how I see myself in 5 years ! I honestly answered that this question was for me the hardest one, and I also said “With a good job, a family and money” !

I think it was the most stupid answer I could give this day. But by the way I entered the CELSA, and I think they believed me when I said that it was the hardest question they could ask me.

Today the situation hadn’t change : my future is quite confused ; but anyway I hold my line : I stay honest  with myself, my passions carry me, and I’m faithfull with things I believe and people I love.

Hope this state of mind will never change, even in 2050 !


They dont really care about us

I really don’t know what could be the world of tomorrow !

The only thing I’m sure, is that the world will be as we’ll build it. With our hopes and our fears. Nowadays we are in a sort of strange period, with mix feelings : in a way we never reach such a confort an such progression everyday life ; but on an other way, we see the limits of this system : we can’t live anymore in luxuriance when the man in the flat under yours is starving !

All I know is that we have to take the world with its issues, sometimes with humour but also with serious and with the eyes of reason !

This is what I tried to do in this blog !

My war for Gaga


Last Year, during my internship at the Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet, I made a video clip for the french contest of Lady Gaga called “French This Way” !

(I already put the video online, so if you want to see it again, just go there ! )

I can say that this contest was literally speaking, a war ! When I posted my video clip on the Lady Gaga’s platform, the hostilities begun : actually the aim of the contest was to gather most views as possible to exceed the 25th place in the contest. I had to share my video on the social networks with my friends, I had to convince the director and the communication department of the theatre to put my video on their newsletter and on the Athénée’s blog (and they did it).

But the real fight to lead was the one against the other participants of the contest : when I managed to reach more than 15ooo views on youtube (which is actually huge) they accused me of cheating (they said that I bought some views on the Internet, which is possible on some websites), they also threatened to report my video to Youtube as a pronographic nature video (beacause when a video is reported, she is automatically removed of the contest) !

This experience was very rewarding for me : I learned how to make a buzz on the Internet (and today my video has more thant 30000 views), but it was also an exhausting work against the other participants, which asked me to be always present on the website, always guarding my video against abusive threats and lies ! A real war for Gaga !

The Hypertextual Cake !

Here is the perfect recipe for a good use of Internet !

Just follow the ten rules ! (beware, this recipe is for PC)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 deg F (Macintosh mark 4 or 180 deg C)
  2. Grease a 9 inch (23 cm) screen tin.
  3. Mix Facebook, Gmail, VDM, Vice and “do and  don’t” essence in a bowl.
  4. Melt the hard drive at low heat and add to the digital ingredients. Also add Twitter and eggs.
  5. Mix everything together until smooth, either by hand or by using an electric mixer at slow speed.
  6. Transfer to USB key tin and download at 350 degrees until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean, approximately 35 to 45 minutes (55 minutes with Macintosh).
  7. After the computer has cooled, slice the software through the middle to make two layers (easier if the hardware has been in the fridge).
  8. You can conserv it with Microsoft Works (Open Office for Macintosh) during two days.
  9. Don’t hesitate to post it on
  10. It’s done, you can now share your Internet cake with your friends through Foursquare !

Bon appétit !

you can also follow Catherine Deneuve advices for a Love Cake on Meetic :


! Beware : this post doesn’t reflect my use of the Internet (except Meetic) !

Internet and the Crisis : a same vision ?

For me, the most striking images of the crisis are these scenes of Wall Street :

What was particularly remarkable in these images of busy people, running from a desk to another on, checking computers and big screens around them, screaming news of the market to each other and so on !

I think that these images created a strange imaginary where people are hyper connected ! connected to the people, but also connected to huge machines which dictate what human being must do or not.

Leading to another the imaginary of the Crisis came closer to the imaginary of Internet : this one where you’ve to be permanently connected and linked to your elctronic stuffs.

To my mind, Internet had suffered from the Crisis, issues linked to the Financial crisis have been mixed with the dangers of an hyper connected world, and with the impression that our fates are linked to something we do not control.

Doyou Doyou Buzz

Here is my Resume, created thanks the online program Doyoubuzz

Doyoubuzz is one of this website wiwh shows how important is self presentation today (on the web universe)

Also, creating a CV on Doyoubuzz presents many advantages :

your resume presentation is self acting, and it promises a clear lay out / you are automatically referenced on Google, and future employers can find you easily / you can download a paper version of your resume and print it

But, to my mind, the main advantage of Doyoubuzz is that your CV is interactive, linked to your blog, your website, your social networks accounts and so on.

She spied my nights !

She spied all my movements, during a whole night !

You know I like to move, I’m a quite active person, always running frome a place to another one ! When I discovered Foursquare, the social network based on geolocalization which shares your best places with your friends, I found a good occasion to share and to show my favorite places in Paris !

I use Foursquare, through my Iphone, almost everyday : I love to ckeck in during all the day, when I arrive at CELSA, when I drink a beer with some good friends in a nice pub, when I go to theatre on the saturday night and so on.

Also, my Foursquare account is linked to my Twitter account, so when I check in I share my places and my present localization with my Twitter’s followers too !

But yesterday, when Lou explained me that she had could follow every of my movement thanks Foursquare, I realized how intrusive could be an application as Foursquare.

But, well, I think I’ll continue to check in ! 🙂

Follow me I m Famous

We can study some practices on Twitter to understand how someone could be qualified as an influential person, powerful people.

The first category of Twitter accounts, is this category of people where the numbers of the followers is the same than the numbers of people followed. In this case it seems like the leverage of the account grows regularly, and in parallel.

There’s a second category of profiles on Twitter where the account has more followers than people it follows. This gap between people following and people followed seems to be like a proof that the account is very important. In certain extreme cases, a Twitter account could have hundreds of followers with zero “follow back”; as if the account deviate the original practice of Twitter : to follow and to be followed by other people.

Paradoxically the notion of leadership on Twitter can also emerge from an under use of the Twitter’s capacity !